Safety & Fire Protection Work

Esnaad is a highly specialist company for supply, installation, testing and commissioning and ongoing maintenance of Fire Alarm, Emergency Light, Fire Suppression, PA/VA & Fire Fighting Systems. With the system and equipment training in accordance to the following technical data/criteria. In addition the company provides systems and equipment training to ensure the efficient and safe use of its deliverables:
We provides all types of design, supply, engineering, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance services to commercial & Residential, Buildings, Schools, Hotels Industries and many more commercial applications. We provide supply and installation services such as Fire Alarm System Installation, Emergency Lightning System Installation, Fire Fighting System Installation, Fire Extinguisher Installation, Fire Suppression Installation , PA/VA System Installation and Fire fighting pump set Installation and Maintenance for all system. We also do all the pressure tests to the system
and make sure that the system will be ready to function
well when it’s required.

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Fire and safety protection work

Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fire Alarm System with conventional
control panels and devices including: Detectors, Manual Call point, Bell, sounder, Flasher & Modules etc
Addressable Fire Alarm System with addressable control panels and devices including: Detectors, Manual Call point, Bell, sounder, Flasher & Modules etc

Fire Alarm System has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.

Fire Fighting System

Fire fighting systems and equipment vary depending on the age, size, use and type of building construction. A building may contain some or all of the following features:

Emergency Light System

It is installed in virtually every commercial and high occupancy residential building.
It is designed to come on when the power goes out. Every model, therefore, requires some sort of a battery or generator system that could provide electricity to the lights during a blackout.

Voice Evacuation (PA/VA) System

PAVA systems are installed within buildings where there is a need to provide clear concise spoken messages either for general day to day messages or in the event of an emergency to safely evacuate occupants. In an emergency situation such as a fire, it is essential that people are evacuated safely and in the shortest possible time.

Fire Suppression System

Used to extinguish or prevent the spread
of fire in a building or vehicle. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires.

Suppression systems have become a necessity to several industries as they help control damage and loss to equipment

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